It only takes 90 days to go from making local sales to being engaged in high-powered international business deals, meetings and negotiations.

What others are saying

"English with Lauren is far from boring. As a business owner, the biggest benefit for me is the improvement in my self confidence. I can now have stress free conversations with international clients and my written communication has really improved."
"Lauren's 90 Day English Language Breakthrough System was amazing and so much fun. It exceeded my expectations. Before I started with Lauren, I was in the bottom 10% of my company. I took the test again 3 months later and I’m now in the top 10%!"
"Unlike other online English teachers, Lauren has a unique teaching method. Lauren has a polite and professional approach while respecting her students. I'd just like to sum it up by saying that it's been a tremendous pleasure to learn with Lauren."

What others are saying

"English with Lauren is far from boring. As a business owner, the biggest benefit for me is the improvement in my self confidence. I can now have stress free conversations with international clients and my written communication has really improved."


"Lauren's 90 Day English Language Breakthrough System was amazing and so much fun. It exceeded my expectations. Before I started with Lauren, I was in the bottom 10% of my company. I took the test again 3 months later and I’m now in the top 10%!"


"Unlike other online English teachers, Lauren has a unique teaching method. Lauren has a polite and professional approach while respecting her students. I'd just like to sum it up by saying that it's been a tremendous pleasure to learn with Lauren."



Dear Business Owner,

If you find yourself 

If you find yourself
dealing increasingly with English-speaking clients,  suppliers and contractors  while you and/or your team  are not fluent in the language,

dealing increasingly with English-speaking clients, 

 suppliers and contractors

 while you and/or your team

 are not fluent in the language,

this is the most important 20 minutes of your life!

Hi, my name is Lauren Rodgers. I am a corporate language transition expert and professional English coach of over a decade from Sydney, Australia. I am also the founder of Lauren Rodgers English Language Coaching Academy.

I have leveraged my teaching background, business coaching skills, personal experiences and academic qualifications in this program to change how people view language and transformation.

Today, they are my secret weapons in delivering a holistic solution that blows other one-dimensional business English courses and corporate language transition plans out of the water!

The solution to your problem is right here, on this page. And it’s less scary and more worthwhile than you think. Whatever you feel inside, you’re not alone. Many who own small to medium businesses are also experiencing the pinching effects of globalization.
The bad news is, this is only going to become more pronounced with time. And it will continue to add pressure on companies that operate in local languages.

The good news is, you CAN help your business rise above this. Adopt English as your company’s official language once and for all, and you can put the matter to rest forever.
I know it sounds like a major shift. And it is. But it’s absolutely worth it!

Adopting English is the best investment for your company right now. Just consider the number of doors it’ll open for your business in the long run. And contrary to what you might think, it’s not a difficult process at all. You and your team can transition in just 3 months with my 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System!
I am so excited to tell you everything about this unique system. It has helped hundreds of non-native speakers communicate, negotiate and collaborate confidently in the global arena!

My 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System is more focused, deliberate and effective compared to others, simply because…

Why Me?


Imagine this. International (and even local) competitors with bigger, more robust marketing strategies and budget have a ‘bridge’ to access potential clients in your region. Meanwhile, you can’t access this ‘bridge’. You are restricted to your local market so you fight vigorously to protect your dwindling market share. But you know it’s a losing battle. This bridge is the English language, a common denominator in a diverse world.

By operating in your local language, you are automatically forfeiting your right to profit from the international market.

It is estimated that 1.35 billion people throughout the world speak English now. It is no wonder why more and more foreign companies, big AND small, are choosing English as their language of business.

Nissan, a car manufacturing company based in Japan

Rakuten, Japan’s largest online marketplace

Ergo, a German insurance company

ITT Motion Technologies, an Italy-based engineering company

Sodexo, a France-based food services company

Siemens, a German electronics company

This is not an exhaustive list. There are thousands more!

What’s interesting is that some of these companies have been around for centuries. Often, family-owned with age-old local traditions.

But they’ve realised that by collaborating across countries, they could become more efficient. And they see that English is an enabler of that.

Outside of the business landscape, nearly 80% of children in their primary years are learning English in Europe. A survey in Beijing found that 70% of Chinese parents want their children to learn the language. What about the rest of the world? I don’t have any numbers for you, but it’s easy to see that almost everyone is catching up. Like it or not, English is no longer spoken in just some parts of the world. Its status has ascended to global language of commerce and business.
For companies that do not operate in English, it’s sadly also a decision to leave some precious doors unlocked…

Think this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for all along? Book a FREE, 30-minute discovery call with me.

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Language barriers don’t merely restrict the activity of buying and selling in the global arena. Your business actually loses out in so many other aspects!



Whether it’s reading a book, attending a business seminar, trawling through the internet or attending an online course, most resources in the world are in English. Not mastering this language means your business will never access some of the latest information and technology out there


Negotiations take place every single day in business environments from negotiating with clients to negotiating with suppliers. Even if you don’t work with them on a daily basis, the negotiation has to be in your favour for long term benefit. Negotiations are never easy , but it’s ten times harder in a  language you’re not confident with.



No matter how good and reliable your current suppliers, counting on one or two from the same locality is not wise. Looking out for others from different countries with potentially cheaper supplies for the same or better quality is safer. But it’s not possible when your purchaser does not speak a common language.



There are many qualified English speaking talents and job candidates with the qualities, experiences and skills that you are looking for in other parts of the world. Language should not be a barrier when you simply have to hire the best candidate to take your organization to the next level.


Crucial details could get lost in translation during a merger and acquisition even without language barriers Relationship building could help create a cooperative atmosphere and reduce potential misunderstandings due to cultural differences. But it can be challenging when there isn’t a common language to build that relationship.



Let’s face it Companies that are relatively small and unknown in a less developed part of the world face an uphill battle to evoke a sense of excellence or quality in their products. One of the best ways to improve your company’s image and the perceived value of your products is to use English in all business dealings.



Imagine speaking to the sales rep of an international company whose software you’re considering. Or talking to a group of strangers in online forums to solve a tech problem you’re facing. Having a technical issue is stressful enough without the pain of not understanding what the person who’s trying to help you is saying!



If you spend a sizable amount for English translation services, this is a cost you can easily nix out in your next round of budgeting exercise. You and your entire team can master the language in just 90 days and forget about ever needing an English translator or translation services again.

If you had not missed these opportunities in the past, would your business look different today? And if you unlocked all these doors now, where would your business be in the future? The future of business is being continuously reshaped, even right now. Whether or not you acknowledge, monumental shifts are taking place globally. Even if you can’t keep up with ALL the changes, you can at least take the most crucial step: expand your market. To do that, you need to examine how far the language you currently use in your business could take you… in the future.

For savvy business owners, the dilemma isn’t IF they should transition.


But HOW to transition a team when everyone already has a foundation in English but still can’t use it effectively?

Do you believe that your team has done its best or given its all? Do you feel like YOU have gone as far as you can? In other words, are you afraid of forcing someone to become better at something they inherently can’t?
This is one of the most raised concerns by businesses that are ready to transition, but don’t have the confidence to make an ‘invested’ leap.
Here’s my own experience that illustrates this…

I taught English at a bilingual preschool in Czech Republic not long ago. The rule required all Czech teachers to speak in English as they had to work alongside those who didn’t speak Czech. Naturally, the director of the preschool spoke English quite well. During teachers’ meetings however, the director always struggled. She would switch to Czech halfway through the meetings because it exhausted her. There was a lot of pressure on all the Czech teachers to perform well in their jobs, especially in their second language. Over time, this caused a lot of resistance and we could see a form of segregation. Czechs verses the non-Czechs, even though we were all actually friends!
Even though these teachers had learnt English vocabulary and grammar in the past, conventional learning had not been enough. And I completely understand how defeating it must feel for employees and ambitious business owners in the same boat.

So, why can’t adults effectively use a language they have already learned?

The answer is two-fold:

Traditional English lessons are not equipped to help businesses and non-native professionals transition to the language fully. This requires a different approach and level of training that most English teachers and educators have no idea about. So, it’s not your fault or your employees’ fault that you’re not getting the results you want.

No, you and your team have NOT gone as far as you can. Because no one has shown you yet, how far you can actually go. With the techniques I use in my system, you and your team will discover a path you never knew existed. And it will take you all the way in your language learning and transformation journey.
Here are four prevalent beliefs that are actually myths, delaying change:

Myths About
Learning English

My own moment of revelation about myths and mindsets was life changing when I learned Czech…

I once had to make a short announcement on the microphone, in Czech, to over 200 people in Prague. I remember having hundreds of negative thoughts running through my head. What if I make a mistake, what if people laugh at me? I was so nervous, but I took a deep breath and said what I needed to say. Nearly every single head in the room turned to look at me and they all had this cheeky grin on their face. My stomach was in knots. It must have been my horrible pronunciation that made them all turn and look at me. I was so embarrassed. Shortly after, a few people came up to me and praised me for trying to speak their language. They were so proud of me. I had never thought of it that way before. I just felt that I was not good enough and my pronunciation is poor. With this positive encouragement, I decided to get on the microphone again and once again, all eyes were on me. This time, I wasn’t so embarrassed because my mindset had changed. I didn’t see cheeky grins of shame. Instead, I saw smiles of respect. Mindset.
Notice the negativity in the conversation that took place in my head? And how they never actually matched reality? Isn’t this also what you and your employees experience when faced with the daunting task of functioning in English? The negative self-talk! Knowledge is just one component of language mastery.

Another component is practice in real life. And THAT cannot happen if you or your team members have convinced yourselves that

Another component is practice in real life. And THAT cannot happen if you or your team members have convinced yourselves that

My accent isn’t right.

I sound silly in English.

My colleagues laugh at me.

I’ll never be able to use it effectively.

I take too long to articulate my thoughts.

I’m going to feel uncomfortable speaking in English.

I’m making others feel uncomfortable by speaking in English.

These have nothing to do with knowledge but a person’s confidence level and their feelings.
The people around them, their colleagues and superiors can intensify these feelings or ease them without even being aware. This is one of the areas that my 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System will address. I use some of the most cutting-edge tools and techniques to discredit these myths in individuals and teams at subconscious level.
In 90% of my corporate clients, they already have enough theoretical knowledge of the English language to transition their business fully.
Yes, that’s right. And I’m willing to bet that’s the case with you and your team. If so, that’s half the battle already won! The rest of the battle, I can help you win in 90 days. Don’t believe me? Book a FREE 30-minute call with no obligations attached and challenge me.

Know More!


I developed the 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System for 2 reasons:

I have seen the predicament of forward-thinking companies being restricted to local markets due to language.

I have also seen the struggles faced by dedicated employees that only they can understand.


First we make it crystal clear why you want your business to transition to English and where your team is at right now. Then we zoom in on what your team want is to achieve through a powerful goal setting and alignment session that’s second to none Together we find out what strategies work for your business and your team and map out the milestones. Finally, we outline the action steps for e ach individual to transition your business to English. Not only do we work on your business goals, but also your team’s English and/or career goals.


Mindset matters. Our belief systems directly affect our behaviour, which in turn affects our success rate. Trying to learn something when we don’t believe we can, is like trying to drive with the handbrake on. It won’t get you very far. We uncover what negative self talk and self limiting beliefs are holding the team back . And work with the team so they serve them better. The result is that each team member and the company achieve one unified goal It’s a win win all around.


Speaking English fluently means
being able to express your thoughts,
feelings and ideas. I work with your team to uncover the gaps in pronunciations and help build up fluency so that each team
member can relax and feel comfortable talking in English. Ultimately, when someone ask s if you speak English, instead of
responding with “Just a little, I will have you responding with a confident Yes I do, how can I help you.

Even though my coaching program benefits the organisation as a whole, at its core, it’s not about my system. Or even your company. It’s about you and your employees and working through your mindset, strengths and preconceived ideas while keeping your eyes on the main goal. I work with individuals and teams who as adults, have developed strong sense of shame, vulnerability and inferiority complex. And remove these obstacles in addition to teaching English so that companies can fully integrate with the international market.


My 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System has helped hundreds of professionals

Today, they have clients from all around the world, employ skilled expats and participate in international meetings, seminars and collaborations in English. No opportunity is lost to them because of language barrier. That’s how powerful and effective the 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System is! If you have been postponing your decision to transition to English, now is the time to do it. Take a deep breath, click the button below and accept my invitation to a private 30-minute chat.


You know what most business owners do when they decide to transition to English? They sign themselves or their teams up for a business English course.
It seems to be the most obvious solution and it’s what 99% of businesses out there do. Does it work?
The answer is clear in the case of Radek Moravek, a Logistics coordinator in Czech Republic. And a client of mine.

Radek had been learning English through traditional courses provided by his company for many years. But they weren’t helping him. He understood many English words but was not able to understand a full sentence.
Eventually, he approached his company and asked if he could take external classes with me. The company agreed that if they saw improvement in his English, they would pay for his classes with me.
Before we began, Radek’s company gave him an English test and he was in the bottom 10%.
After 3 months with me, he was in the top 10%.
Not only did his speaking skills improve, he also learned to respond to his clients better via email.
Radek was really happy because his boss began to trust him enough to allow him to respond to clients during his absence. His boss was also extremely happy because he was finally able to take a well-deserved holiday while feeling confident his office was in good hands.

You also damage your employees’ self-confidence and drive when yet another course fails to deliver. The same goes for you.

Make The Decision!

English courses may be the obvious option for many. But they may not necessarily be effective, just like in Radek’s case. In fact, if you search through the internet, you will never find a proper language transition program for businesses. At least none with the level of depth that my program offers.

Most online business English courses are developed to make money for the course creators while they sleep. They develop tonnes of courses that hand you the same theories, but not the personalised support and guidance that you and your team need.

They are too afraid to be in the trenches with you and get their hands dirty! A lot of methods out there include videos to watch, homework, oral tests, exams… It might sound like you’re getting a lot of value for your money. But honestly, you work around the clock and your employees are busy.

Who has the time?
You want to be able to integrate the learning and transition process in your day-to-day job. Not head home at the end of a long day for a disconnected lesson that’s mentally draining. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the easiest option available. Especially when it comes to the most important decision for your business.What you decide today will determine how well your business will survive the rising tide of globalisation in years to come.

There’s something very important that business owners don’t realise when they sign up for traditional or online language courses. You’re not just wasting your time and money when you select the wrong program to transition your business to English. You also damage your employees’ self-confidence and drive when yet another course fails to deliver. The same goes for you.

The more failed attempts, the more entrenched the misguided beliefs become. And the more difficult it is for result-oriented coaches like me to rebuild them. So, let me do the work right from the start and save you precious time, money and team morale.

You may not know the struggles of your employees when you plan to transition. Especially if English is not a problem for you. But I have seen first-hand, how colleagues turn against colleagues, frustrations build up and self-confidence gets eroded.

I’m here to make the whole process easier on your business and every single person involved.If you’ve made the decision to make English the official language of your business, it’s only the first step.

Work with a true language instructor, business coach and NLP trained professional like me to guarantee success. Don’t hesitate, do it now. Feel free to contact me for more information about my unique system. There’s no obligation on your part, but it may just open up a whole new world of opportunities!

My 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System takes entire companies and individuals on a 180° transformation journey. It is fulfilling and empowering on so many levels as experienced by my clients!
















The localised structure in these industries is quickly being replaced by more transparent and integrated business models.  Geographic boundaries that traditionally restricted these industries are no longer relevant thanks to:

  • secure payment gateways
  • improved delivery systems and services
  • cheaper telecommunication services
  • smarter customers and users
  • free access to data and information
  • direct access to companies and reviews through social media

Perhaps you have been following their development. And maybe you’ve changed your business model to fit the times too.
But the big picture is incomplete until you fit in the final piece of the puzzle:

A language that bridges the gap between you, the rest of the world and the future.

Pricing Plan

To get started, just pick a package that suits your business type and need.

Listen. Is this a big decision? Absolutely. Will it take effort and time on your part to transition your business to English? Yes.
It’s a given. But what matters is, will it be worth it in the end?
With my 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System, I assure you that it will be.
I know you’re thinking that standard business English courses are cheaper than my program. And I agree with you.
They’re cheaper because they’re designed to give you the basics of the English language. NOT to transition your business in a practical world. It won’t guide your team along while also obliterating the obstacles. Honestly, you get so much more in my program for its price! And it’s tax deductible.
Once you sign up for my program, you will have FREE access to my Facebook group (valued at €27 for 30 days) FOR LIFE!
It’s like a mini-English school, only a lot more fun with weekly challenges and interesting topics of discussion.
For those who are in my program, it’s the safest place in the world to have conversations in English, discuss individual problems and open up.
No one will understand what you and your team are going through better than the people you’ll meet in this group.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out what the Facebook group members are saying:

what the Facebook group members are saying?

"I really want others to know that the platform you have created for people like me to improve English conversation is so worthy that u not only gain improvement in English but you also gain confidence. People in the group are really friendly and supportive."
"I lacked confidence and I used to hesitate at the time of speaking with other people. Here in this group I have strengthened my speaking skills and I have also noticed that I don't need to talk only with native speakers to enhance my speaking skills."
"I was shy and I lacked so much confidence in speaking. Even though words and sentences came into my mind they just didn't come out of my mouth because of the fear that others who hear will judge me and it will hurt my inner confidence. But the total opposite happened."
"After joining your group, I rapidly increased the fluency of my spoken language as well as the ability to understand people speaking with different accents. I'm not afraid to answer when somebody asks me an unexpected question anymore. I feel more secure and I have a lot of new friends ready to enrich my life."
"Thank you. I appreciate that you created such a great group where we can try to speak no matter how we are going. It's very helpful. I usually join Catalino's room, he asks us some psychological questions that are very interesting"
"Before I joined the group my problem was with my speaking. My speech was not clear maybe because of my accent, but it has improved throughout this 30 day challenge. Now I can speak more clearly."
And that’s just my Facebook group. There are coaching sessions, goal setting activity (which is another gold mine), action plan development, neuro science based limiting beliefs removal (an absolute gem), other tools and tactics and online support. Before you commit to another program, please compare how much MORE you’re actually getting with mine. Consider the level of my involvement and accountability in your success. Honestly, NONE of the programs out there include all of the above for the price I’m offering my program at. Look, I’m not one to make false claims, so I’ll put my money where my mouth is.

If after 2 weeks of working together, you don’t feel that this program is for you, we will stop right there. I will return your money back. I will not ask you any questions and there will be no hard feelings.

That’s how confident I am that my system and coaching technique work.
I have practically removed every risk there is because I really want you to transition to English. I want you to be able to expand globally and not let language barrier stunt your business growth indefinitely.
All you have to do is commit to transition and let me do all the heavy lifting for you.

My program has already empowered so many people around the world and helped their companies gain a competitive edge.
Are you ready?

Need Help?



It is most effective for companies with employees who are at intermediate level. Complete beginners are welcome to join, but they may need more than 90 days to fully function in a business environment in English.

Easier than you think. Most of the heavy lifting is done by me using special tools and techniques to pave the way. But it still requires the team’s commitment. If the leadership and the team keep taking action consistently towards aligned goals between company and personal, they can’t be stopped.

Online – Zoom video conference.

Not at all. The program is integrated into their jobs. If anything, it will help them do their work better where English is involved. It is designed to reignite the fire within each team member to help them stay motivated. The concept of time and energy usually becomes blurred as participants enjoy the process and see the immense value it’s adding to their lives. It’s amazing what we can do once everyone’s aligned and empowered to achieve what we really want!

Traditional business English courses only offer basic lessons. They are not equipped to help businesses and employees transition to the language fully.
This program addresses many different aspects of language learning and business transition such as mindset, frustrations, fears, self-limiting beliefs, intrinsic motivations and more, using advanced tools to achieve a unified goal. And I will be coaching you and your team every step of the way. With the techniques I use in my system, you and your team will discover a path you never knew existed. And it will take them all the way in their language transformation journey.

Yes. If after 2 weeks of working together you don’t feel that this program is for you, we will stop there, and you will get your money back, no hard feelings and no questions asked.

Typically, we don’t learn skills by doing homework. We learn them by doing. So, the team will be asked to use the language! There might be situations where a little work by individual employees will help them overcome entrenched problems. But that’s just about 5 -10 minutes!

Your coaching time will depend on the package you purchase. You will however, have lifetime access to my private Facebook page.


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Goals Alignment
Mindset Cognizance
English Acquisitim