Who We Are

Peaceful resolution intends to have each individual student to comprehend their emotional awareness and how they can support themselves first and foremost themselves, how they relate as well as tolerate other behaviors including their own.

Peaceful Resolution desires for students to mirror their higher self, the part of them that glows and serves as a beacon of light for others to follow. Each student, faculty and staff hold the key to creating a school community that you all deserve to experience. The experience of peaceful structure and order that gives the opportunity to go and beyond the normal standards of educational institutions.
Peaceful Resolutions powerful thought provoking online courses are equipped with effective and productive e-learning courses for all the scholars who are eager to learn to break barriers and build confidence and raise self esteem .

Here we connect with the deeper sense of self and expose the rhyme and reason as to why we behave towards people, places, and things negatively. When these issues are brought to the Peaceful Resolutions members begin to envision and embrace a process to support engaging new ways of thinking.

Who We Are

Our courses are completely certified and we provide Certifications to our students.

Peaceful Resolutions social emotional intelligence where we work from within to produce outer positive results that will allow peace to begin with you and your outer world.

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