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Let me know if this sounds familiar… 

It’s the morning before your first big presentation at work.

This is the only thing standing between you and the promotion you deserve. Your outfit is ready and the slideshow has been edited to perfection. You take a sip of coffee and read your talking points out loud. SUDDENLY, the sheer terror of the sound of your own voice hits you like a wave of paralysis and anxiety!

“Is that what I sound like?” “Will anyone understand what I’m saying?” “Who is ever going to take me seriously?”

Your body starts to ache in a fever of gut rot and dizziness, counting down every last second until you enter the board room.

“Is this going to last forever?” What would life be like if you never had this fear? If you could just speak without any doubt of your ability? Where would life take you?

Maybe you could finally get that promotion. Connect with your boss or colleagues over your love of football at the company party. 

Or simply buy a cup of coffee with a smile on your face as you converse with the barista about your new job.

Well have hope because there is a solution ….

For most of us, we were taught at a young age that learning comes from “staring straight and listening” for 8 hours a day.

As we get older – this already seemingly impossible way to absorb information becomes a time management juggling act usually leading to:

A massive pile of books, half read, collecting dust on a shelf. 

A long list of learning apps untouched, haunting your home screen, or hours wasted down a rabbit hole of videos trying to sell you another six figure, online learning course.

The answer doesn’t have to be that complicated…

I’ve spent the last (time) learning and honing my skills as an English language coach.

I’ve found through my years of experience that the obstacles with learning, speaking or being comfortable with a new language doesn’t come from a lack of knowledge or access to information.

It comes from the limiting beliefs we put on ourselves. The negative self talk that we constantly repeat over and over. The belief that we “can’t” or “will never be able to..” And ANYONE can overcome these obstacles in 90 days OR LESS

Let me introduce......

The 90-Day English Language Breakthrough System

What you exactly going to learn

MAKING THINGS HAPPEN with Lauren Rodgers, is where you can get a feel for what language coaching is all about and why it is so effective compared to the normal run-of-the-mill language program.

Appreciation for what you are doing well and uncovering your weaknesses so you know where you can improve.

Get connected to why you started to learn English in the first place and think about how your life could be different if you were speaking English confidently

Getting very clear on what it is exatly that you want to acheive so that you can start living the life that you really want to live.

What will this Allow you to do?

What will I get?

Are You Ready To Take First Step towards improving your English.

With lauren rodgers

Here is what some of my clients have to say!

"You can really see the results......"

Juan  Manuel Guerrer


Veronica Cenelli


Sergey Shevtsov 

Manager & Founder, in the Loop Lanquage Coaching

The person high achievers call when they feel stuck, lost for words, or overwhelmed

but don’t like to admit it 😉

Hi, my name is Lauren Rodgers

I’m a personal development expert and a professional English teacher from Sydney Australia. I am also the founder of Lauren Rodgers English Language Coaching Academy. I have been an English Language coach for over a decade, and through that time I came to realize that there’s much more to learning how to speak a language than just learning the mechanics of how it works. 

Lots of students learn vocabulary, grammar, and idioms for example, but they still worry about making mistakes when speaking, or that their accent isn’t right; they feel they aren’t “good enough” at the language they’re learning.

They really want to improve because they need to be able to speak better English to get a particular job that they want to apply for, or to get a promotion at work, or to win more international contracts for their companies.

But lots of people find that conventional, in-class learning of the language isn’t enough to get them where they want to be, and that’s why I began coaching people, as well as teaching them.
“Coaching” in a business context, is a technique for encouraging people to identify and achieve their objectives; to reach the goals that they set for themselves.

Coaches work intensely with their clients, to help them to overcome any barriers to their success, and also help them to monitor their progress. They support them and stay with them all the way until they reach their goals.

I used the ideas and principles found in business coaching, and adapted them to use with people who wanted to become more confident in their spoken language skills.

The people I work with learn to relax and forget the self-doubt and fear that often holds them back, so that they can speak English more naturally, and so communicate effectively with confidence.

Many of them go on to establish long-lasting, high quality business contacts because of their more confident use of English as a business language, some of which have developed into international friendships.

If these are the kind of language skills that you’re striving for, you probably need more than a language school; in fact you’ll almost certainly benefit from English language coaching,

I’m here to help. Don’t hesitate; do it now; feel free to contact me for more information about my unique system. There’s no obligation on your part, but it may just open up a whole new business world to you!!

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