30 day conversation challenge


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The 30-day challenge starts on the 1st of every month.

The purpose of this challenge is for you to practice speaking as much as possible and to provide you with a platform where you can speak freely to build up your confidence.

It’s a place where you can let loose and forget about being perfect and just enjoy having conversations with others.

There is no need to show up every day, come whenever you can, however,  at the end of the month we will vote for people who showed up and contributed the most and the winner will receive the next 30 days on us. (Free).

Every day at 5 pm ( Central European Summer Time (CEST) UTC/GMT +2 hour), we will open 1 or more moderated rooms for you to join.

These rooms will stay open as long as there are people in the room wanting to stay and talk. Some rooms in the past have stayed open for 6 hours.

Our trained moderators can also open rooms at other times during the day if there is a demand for them.
Anyone in the group can open a room at any time during the day and others will join you if they are free.
See you on the inside.

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